Dr Gleb Ivanov

Research Interests

the early stages of his career, Dr Ivanov took part in a variety of research projects before making the full move to Clinical Haematology.
Haematology is a very rapidly developing subject. New drugs are developed and tested every year. Between seeing patients, Dr Ivanov invests his time in keeping up with the recent developments in Haematology, so that he can advise the best available evidence-based treatment for a given condition. As a Co-investigator, Dr Ivanov takes part in several clinical trials.

Personal Interests

Dr Ivanov says:
“I come from a haematological family. Both my father and my brother are Haematologists, so Haematology for me is not just a vocation, but also a matter of family pride. Having worked in both research and medicine, I realised that looking after patients brings me more satisfaction than academia. This led me to a conscious choice of a District General Hospital career. I enjoy playing tennis, whenever I can fit it in, and gardening, whenever my family commitments allow me.”
Dr Ivanov speaks fluent English and Russian.

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